Poverty vs. Abundance

There was a time in my life where I would not share my feelings, I would hide my emotions and carry a stone cold demeanor to keep people from wanting to be around me. This kind of attitude kept me from having many friends, thinking the world was against me and handing my mother mounds of grief for her [...]

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How To Visualize To Win Battles

  Do you "see" a future for yourself? It is NOT a secret that successful folk from ALL walks of life understand the power of visualizing what they WANT in their life. So, to start your week off heading in the right direction, you can use weapon #2 right NOW! #2- Put forth a VISION  In your mind, imagine in a vivid way how [...]

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Why You Should Write Your Eulogy TODAY

  I listed out the 6 Tools in a previous post that you want to have as you begin your own Champions Uprising.  Weapons to help you understand that, we all have a "champion"within us, fighting to win at life. These concepts were passed on to me by a HUGE mentor that I was blessed to have come across in my journey and [...]

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