How To Visualize To Win Battles

  Do you "see" a future for yourself? It is NOT a secret that successful folk from ALL walks of life understand the power of visualizing what they WANT in their life. So, to start your week off heading in the right direction, you can use weapon #2 right NOW! #2- Put forth a VISION  In your mind, imagine in a vivid way how [...]

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Why You Should Write Your Eulogy TODAY

  I listed out the 6 Tools in a previous post that you want to have as you begin your own Champions Uprising.  Weapons to help you understand that, we all have a "champion"within us, fighting to win at life. These concepts were passed on to me by a HUGE mentor that I was blessed to have come across in my journey and [...]

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How Do We Put Up a Good Scrap?

I previously spoke about the 6 dictators that you will be campaigning against through life. This campaign will require patience, determination, resilience, and a strong set of mental TOOLS to keep you marching along. And just as the 6 dictators exist in your mind, so do these weapons and tools. They are ready and available RIGHT NOW!   BELIEVE and UNDERSTAND that our mind is what controls ALL of our reality. [...]

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6 “Dictators” To Crush & Overthrow

Not WHAT... Not HOW... The question is WHY start your own Champions Uprising? There is something that we ALL have in common. We battle self doubt, fear, disappointment, hardship, confusion,  and negative self talk.  We all stumble and fall down at some points in our life, but champs uprise…we all have what it takes to get back up to our feet.  There [...]

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The NEW chapter… (Don’t miss this!)

Imagine yourself taking on ALL the challenges of life with a champion's spirit, knowing that you will fight with ALL your heart to the very end: Just like you, as far back as I can remember, life has been throwing everything (and "the kitchen sink") at me, since I was 7 years old. I didn't know how to cope [...]

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What’s Your Problem?

YOU don't have a problem, YOU have a challenge. Yes, choice of words is super important, if you've been following some of my past emails. So what is your CHALLENGE right now? Your kid is making the mistakes that you spent most of your adult life steering him/her away from. Some of them are the very same mistakes you've made, [...]

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Life is A FIGHT

Whether you have been in the ring or NOT, to test yourself in battle, there are a few things that everyone knows about fighters: 1- fighters train countless minutes, hours, days, weeks and years to be the best. 2- fighters fail, lose, stumble, fall, make mistakes, and learn to adapt. 3- fighters are willing to risk it all for the love of the [...]

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Why I Cut Speech Class Everyday

It might be the end of the work week for some of you and you're thinking about how you can forget about anything related to work for the next couple days. But don't forget to think about your dreams! Sometimes we think things that scare us (causing FEAR), as something in the present or the future.  [...]

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