The Eight Count Episode 005: Tony Blauer

Tale of the Tape: Tony Blauer Tony Blauer has been in the martial arts, self-defense, defensive tactics, and combatives industry for four decades and is one of the only combatives experts who has successfully affected training in self-defense, combat sports, and military and law enforcement sectors. His research on overcoming fear has influenced over three [...]

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The Eight Count Episode 004: Ryan Lee

Tale of the Tape: Ryan Lee Ryan Lee has been an entrepreneur for the last 20 years. He is the creator of Freedym, an online academy that teaches people how to turn their ideas and passions into recurring revenue, and Rewind, energy bars free from gluten, dairy, soy, artificial sweeteners, and added sugar. Breakdown Ryan [...]

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The Eight Count Episode 003: Kevin “The Soul Assassin” Ross

Tale of the Tape: Kevin Ross Kevin “The Soul Assassin” Ross is an artist and a pioneer in American Muay Thai. Throughout his career, he has won the super-lightweight WBC International title, the welterweight WBC USA National title, the FIDAM welterweight title of Mexico, and the United States Muay Thai Federation welterweight title. He is [...]

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The Eight Count Episode 002: Anthony Melchiorri

Tale of the Tape: Anthony Melchiorri Anthony Melchiorri was the executive producer and host of Hotel Impossible on the Travel Channel for an astounding 108 episodes for 9 seasons. And now he is the host of his brand new show on Facebook Live, Instant Turnaround. Discover how Anthony Melchiorri battled through a childhood of hardship [...]

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The Eight Count Episode 001: Chris Romulo

 Tale of the Tape: Chris Romulo I'm Chris Romulo, a six-time Muay Thai champion turned speaker, coach, and podcaster. On The Eight Count podcast, I explore the championship mindset of entrepreneurs, business owners, and athletes to uncover the tactics they use to beat the count and win at life. Breakdown In this first episode [...]

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Are you tough as a…?

  "Winners aren't people who NEVER fail, WINNERS ARE PEOPLE WHO NEVER QUIT."- Anon I once read about a brief exchange between a mentor and a young apprentice: Young apprentice: "Life is so hard". Mentor: "Compared to what?" Yes, super abstract but I believe what the mentor intended to do was make us think and [...]

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