The Path of Most Resistance With Kevin “The Soul Assassin” Ross

Tale of the Tape: Kevin Ross Kevin “The Soul Assassin” Ross is an artist and a pioneer in American Muay Thai. Throughout his career, he has won the super-lightweight WBC International title, the welterweight WBC USA National title, the FIDAM welterweight title of Mexico, and the United States Muay Thai Federation welterweight title. He is [...]

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Nothing’s Impossible With Anthony Melchiorri

Tale of the Tape: Anthony Melchiorri Anthony Melchiorri was the executive producer and host of Hotel Impossible on the Travel Channel for an astounding 108 episodes for 9 seasons. And now he is the host of his brand new show on Facebook Live, Instant Turnaround. Discover how Anthony Melchiorri battled through a childhood of hardship [...]

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The Story Of How The Eight Count Podcast Came To Be

 Tale of the Tape: Chris Romulo I'm Chris Romulo, a six-time Muay Thai champion turned speaker, coach, and podcaster. On The Eight Count podcast, I explore the championship mindset of entrepreneurs, business owners, and athletes to uncover the tactics they use to beat the count and win at life. Breakdown In this first episode [...]

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Are you tough as a…?

  "Winners aren't people who NEVER fail, WINNERS ARE PEOPLE WHO NEVER QUIT."- Anon I once read about a brief exchange between a mentor and a young apprentice: Young apprentice: "Life is so hard". Mentor: "Compared to what?" Yes, super abstract but I believe what the mentor intended to do was make us think and [...]

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