Crying was a NEVER…

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Growing up on 208th Street, in “the Ville”, you had to be tough, you had to be scrappy and you had to have heart. 

During most of my childhood, I thought that meant I wasn’t supposed to show any emotion.

-Stone cold

-No complaining

-Keeping feelings trapped inside

These were all the habits that showed that you were built for the streets.

Crying was absolutely a NEVER.

– No matter how roughed up you got playing b-ball.

– No matter how hard you got dumped, face first into a mound of ice and snow during a neighborhood game of tackle football.

– No matter how many kicks and punches you were getting pummeled with on Halloween by 15+ kids, on your own block because you were protecting a girl.

Crying was absolutely a NEVER.

All the years of attempting to prove how much “heart” I had, during my knucklehead days, was what fueled me through my 15+ years of ring fighting and life.

Being able to deal with the losses, the injuries, and ups and downs of what life dishes out, was all a matter of “not showing”.

But what I’ve learned lately about “heart” is that it’s not just being able to show how much you can take. It’s also about how much you can give.

– Love

– Passion

– And faith

Are all the things that YOU, and I, want to dish out to the world around us.

“When you give, you get back in twofold.” -CROM

BUT that ALWAYS works whether you are giving out positive or negative, so be careful what you choose.

HEART is the last code of ethics, but not the least.

Heart- Every champion has a physical heart inside their body, but the heart I’m talking about doesn’t pump blood. It pumps love, desire, passion, tenacitybelief and faith. It can be used for both worlds of good or bad. The champion must choose wisely, since either way will take an “all-out” war.

With these 8 codes you can arm yourself with the proper internal strength to take on the 7 dictators.

I refer to them as Champion Codes of Conduct or Champ Ethics.

Fall 7 times, standup 8.

“The key to happiness is to find something bigger than you and devote yourself to it.”

Shed a tear for someone or something you love because, as much as love will embrace you, it will also knock you to your knees.

Believe that no matter how much disappointment and hardship that you are facing at the moment, if you keep your eyes fixed on the vision, you can shape your world.

Remember, all it takes is heart. 

Champ Up!

Chris Romulo AKA CROM


About the Author:

Chris Romulo is a former professional Muay Thai champion, coach, speaker and owner of CROM Physical Culture in Rockaway Beach, Queens. Chris believes we all have a champion in us fighting to win at life.

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