Why You Should Write Your Eulogy TODAY

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I listed out the 6 Tools in a previous post that you want to have as you begin your own Champions Uprising. 

Weapons to help you understand that, we all have a “champion”within us, fighting to win at life.

These concepts were passed on to me by a HUGE mentor that I was blessed to have come across in my journey and I’m honored to pay it forward.

As I said, these techniques are at your disposal RIGHT NOW, they are inside of us ALL. We WANT to dust off the cobwebs, sharpen ’em up and put them to work.

We are going to start with the most CRUCIAL tool, since it will set you up for ALL your ambitions, visions, dreams and ideas.

***Uncover YOUR PURPOSE***

Now your are asking, “how to I do that?” If you do KNOW your PURPOSE, you are already heading in the right direction, but stay with me on this anyways!

You WANT to know the reason you roll out of bed in the morning, the reason you trek to work through “head banging” rush hour, the reason you started a family or the reason you are already HUNTING down GOALS.

If any of these following thoughts sound like the voice in YOUR OWN head…

“It’s what I’m supposed to do…”

“I don’t have a choice…”

“It’s what everyone else is doing…”

“I’ve got nothin’ better to do…”

WANT you to dig a little deeper.

These answers can help, but you WANT to face some FEARS of finding out the real driving force in your life.

Like I said before, dust off the cobwebs of your mind, body and soul and ask, WHY am I here doing what I am doing?” 

This process takes some deep introspection and I don’t expect you to figure it out right now. But when you do find your PURPOSE, you will feel a tenacious energy to keep doing what you are doing now or you might say…

“This is not the life I want and I am making a change NOW!”

Here is an exercise that I’ve learned about that will give you some strength to UNCOVER YOUR PURPOSE.

This is a very HEAVY and INTENSE exercise, so I WANT to give youFAIR WARNING as this can bring up deep stories and emotions from the past or present. Again, this PURPOSE finding exercise is ULTRA-important in this FIGHT we call LIFE.


Imagine that you’re sitting calmly at a funeral of someone who has just passed away. As you sit there full of grief and sorrow, you watch as others are weeping and consoling each other.

You bring yourself to your feet to slowly walk towards the casket.

It seems as though you go unnoticed as you make your way to pay respects to the recently deceased.

As you peer over the edge of the coffin, you feel a pulse of shock and overwhelming denial and disbelief, as it is YOUR body laying there in quiet bliss. 

In an eerie daze, you walk back to where you were seated, as the first eulogy from a loved one begins.

One by one you listen, absorb and contemplate the words that are cast out through the room about the beauty of your life.

Now ask yourself, “what do I want to hear about the impression I left on this world?“.

I highly doubt it will have anything to do with:

-the amount of money you had in your bank account

-how you had more bedrooms in your house than anyone else on the block

-or how far you worked your way up the corporate ladder or the level of managerial responsibility you developed

What do you want family, friends and anyone that has crossed your path to say about you when you are gone?

I challenge you to take some reflection time this weekend to DIG DEEP and answer question.

It will, surely, put you on the path to UNCOVER YOUR PURPOSE.

Your WHY will always hold more value than the HOW or WHAT you wanna do with your life.

Uncover your purpose…and CHAMP UP!

Chris Romulo AKA CROM

About the Author:

Chris Romulo is a former professional Muay Thai champion, coach, speaker and owner of CROM Physical Culture in Rockaway Beach, Queens. Chris believes we all have a champion in us fighting to win at life.

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