Face Everything and RISE!

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It is a known fact that 90% of the things that you fear in life are insignificant issues.

There are ONLY 2 fears that you are born with:

-the fear of loud noises

-the fear of falling

Then there are 3 fears that you develop through your life that you actually have NO control over:

-the fear of wild animals

-the fear of a deranged human being

-the fear of natural disaster

EVERYTHING ELSE is something that we can take decisive control of to battle against.  Sometimes winning however, sometimes letting that fear get the best of us. But the key is that 90% of what you fear DOES NOT put you in a LIFE or DEATH situation. SO IS THAT 90% worth your energy?

I spent most of my life going face to face with a HUGE fear that kept me in a shell for a longtime.

The fear of confrontation.

I didn’t want to argue with my mom.

I didn’t stick up for myself when kids would get in my face.

I didn’t want to deal with life so I turned to the bottle.

After a near death street scrap I finally decided to face reality and pulled a 180 in life, changing directions.

The decision was painful, emotionallypsychologically andphysically as I almost lost my life. But it was a crucial moment that I consider my “inciting” incident.

We ALL have had, or are inevitably going to face our own inciting incident that will change the course of our lives, and maybe more than once in life.

But what I have learned is to NOT find ways to avoid the eventual learning moment.

Appreciate it…

Look forward to it…

And when it happens, embrace the fear and saddle up anyway.

I am not saying to go out and risk your life for the pure joy of it, or go to the extreme that I went to.

But if you keep in mind the REAL fears that you have NO control over, you will understand that EVERY OTHER fear is INSIGNIFICANT and can be handled with the proper mindset.

You might have already experienced your own inciting incident, but don’t stay stuck in that moment. Focus on what you want in life andstay the course. That moment is going to be the fuel you need to keep marching forward. The dream, the vision and the passion will pull you along.

Maybe life has been pretty cushy for you and you are enjoying the comfort. Prepare and train for the hit, some of them will be impossible to avoid. Life is ultimately full of surprises that catch you from the blindside.

Maybe you are bored or you don’t feel like the fire is burning inside of you. There are always embers laying and waiting to be sparkedback to life. Go out and find the flare.

Either way, how you deal with the fear will be the legacy to your life.

Did you run from it and miss out on the ALL the freedom on the other side?

Or did you face it and get knocked around, but all the while build theresilience that you need for the rest of your life?



Chris Romulo AKA CROM

About the Author:

Chris Romulo is a former professional Muay Thai champion, coach, speaker and owner of CROM Physical Culture in Rockaway Beach, Queens. Chris believes we all have a champion in us fighting to win at life.

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