Finding Inspiration From Within With Frances and Boom Watthanaya

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Tale of the Tape

Frances and Boom Watthanaya own and operate Wor. Watthana Gym in Northeastern Thailand, where they help at-risk youth in the village through Muay Thai. They opened the gym in 2014 and have been helping to educate, nourish, and care for kids of all ages in rural Thailand.


When Frances and Boom set out to open a Muay Thai gym for the poverty-stricken youth in their Northeastern Thailand village, they never expected to face such challenges from the very community they served. Find out how they answered their eight count when nearly all of their kids were pulled away from the gym for futureless endeavors.

Highlight Reel

4:29 – How Frances from Canada and Boom from Thailand met through Muay Thai, and eventually wound up marrying

12:55 – What family life is like in rural Thailand

18:43 – Muay Thai as a way out of poverty – and a way to discipline

24:58 – The choices that led to a life in Muay Thai

27:46 – Red marbles, black marbles, and why they matter

29:48 – Opening a gym in Northeast Thailand

37:53 – When a gym is more than a gym (and how it becomes a community center)

48:30 – How Frances and Boom pulled themselves up when the gym went down

53:12 – The incredible challenge that comes with helping others

100:39 – How sticking with targets can help you overcome hardship

1:04:48 – The future of Wor. Watthana Gym


About the Author:

Hosted by Chris “Mr. Classic” Romulo, a six-time Muay Thai champion turned speaker, coach, and podcaster, The Eight Count explores the championship mindset of entrepreneurs, business owners, and athletes to uncover the tactics they use beat the count and win at life. Through gritty interviews that hold no punches, you’ll discover how to overcome adversity and become a successful and self-reliant champion.

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