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Tale of the Tape

Joe Fox is a former three-star NYPD transit chief turned life and leadership coach. He works with a wide range of people to help them forge strong and sustainable relationships and become leaders in their own communities or industries.


Joe’s eight count happened on September 11, 2001, when New York City was crippled by terrorist attacks. After he discovered that his nephew lost his life as a first responder, Joe felt the need not only to be there for his family, but be there for the dozens of other police officers and their families who lost someone that day. Unknowingly, Joe would have to use those same empathy skills 19 years later when another catastrophe crippled New York City–COVID-19.

Highlight Reel

3:49 – The COVID-19 blog post that helped others

9:55 – Why keeping a level head during pandemics is the antidote to chaos

15:32 – Dealing with psychological challenges during a “life on pause” (aka lockdown)

20:23 – How a network of positive friends and family – not negative media – can help you during pandemics

25:14 – What 9/11 taught Joe that catastrophes will always be part of life

31:34 – Why helping others never feels like enough

37:32 – Dealing with loss and heartache during catastrophes

43:38 – How connecting with people who have it harder than you will help you find purpose

1:01:00 – Joe’s powerful message for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic


About the Author:

Hosted by Chris “Mr. Classic” Romulo, a six-time Muay Thai champion turned speaker, coach, and podcaster, The Eight Count explores the championship mindset of entrepreneurs, business owners, and athletes to uncover the tactics they use beat the count and win at life. Through gritty interviews that hold no punches, you’ll discover how to overcome adversity and become a successful and self-reliant champion.

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