Life IS Hard…..

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…but compared to what?

“Raising a family is the HARDEST thing I’ve ever done.”

“Things are really HARD at work.”

“Dealing with traffic is HARD.”

“Running in the morning when its cold before the sun comes up is too HARD.”

“Eating right is HARD because I don’t have time.”

If these are some things you’ve said to yourself at one time or another, don’t beat yourself up about it.

I’ve caught myself saying the same things too!

But there is a simple mindset shift that I use when I catch myself straying with my thoughts.

As I was running  at 5:45 this morning, the winds  were really “kickin” up on the Rock. Nothing too out of the norm.

Usually they will die down as I get to a certain point in my roadwork.

But today those winds would not let up!

10-15 min in, I was still pushing myself through the unrelenting gusts.

I could’ve easily turned around to make my life easier and ran with the flow. Quit the struggle and look for the easy way out.

But I told myself, “I don’t HAVE to do this run, I CHOOSE/WANT to do this run.”

That shifted my mind from, “oh this is too hard, let me look for an easy way out”, to “I choose to challenge myself so let me keep moving through no matter how slow I’m moving”.

When you shift from a “HAVE TO” into a “CHOOSE/WANT TO” inner voice, you are thinking the way champions do!

You go from denying the situation and taking responsibility for it.

To accepting the challenge and becoming a stronger and better person by choosing to deal with it head-on!

Take ownership of every event of your life and then you will have more control over the outcome.

You have the ability and freedom to CHOOSE how to deal with life in your mind.

CHOOSE accurate thinking so that you embrace every situation, good or not-so-good, with the mindset of CHAMPS! 

About the Author:

Chris Romulo is a former professional Muay Thai champion, coach, speaker and owner of CROM Physical Culture in Rockaway Beach, Queens. Chris believes we all have a champion in us fighting to win at life.

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