Leading From The Heart With Joe Fox

Tale of the Tape Joe Fox is a former three-star NYPD transit chief turned life and leadership coach. He works with a wide range of people to help them forge strong and sustainable relationships and become leaders in their own communities or industries. Breakdown Joe’s eight count happened on September 11, 2001, when New York [...]

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Finding Inspiration From Within With Frances and Boom Watthanaya

Tale of the Tape Frances and Boom Watthanaya own and operate Wor. Watthana Gym in Northeastern Thailand, where they help at-risk youth in the village through Muay Thai. They opened the gym in 2014 and have been helping to educate, nourish, and care for kids of all ages in rural Thailand. Breakdown When Frances and [...]

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The Road To Recovery With UFC Lightweight Jared Gordon

Tale of the Tape: Jared “Flash” Gordon Jared Gordon is a lightweight mixed martial arts champion who has competed in the UFC, Duelo de Giagantes, and Cage Fury Fighting Championship. “Flash” also speaks out on addiction, recovery, and mental health. Breakdown Jared opens up about the moment at nine years old that led him to [...]

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The Keys Of Communication With Ryan Michler

Tale of the Tape Ryan Michler is the host of Order of Man, a podcast dedicated to helping men become better versions of themselves. He is also a husband, father to four children, and an Iraqi War Veteran. Ryan, who grew up without a father, knows all too well the side effects of growing up [...]

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From Chaos To Order With Richie Hardcore

Tale of the Tape Richie Hardcore is an educator, keynote speaker and activist, working in violence prevention, masculinities, mental health, and wellness. He is also a retired multiple New Zealand Muay Thai champion who now works as a coach and personal trainer. He’s helped some of New Zealand’s most successful fighters achieve their goals. Breakdown [...]

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Power In The Present With Sean George

Tale of the Tape Sean George is CIO at Strukturinvest. He’s work in the financial industry at Cantor Fitzgerald, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, and more. He has also competed in Muay Thai and is an adventure enthusiast. Breakdown On 9/11, Sean watched two planes hit the World Trade Center towers. Despite holding on to [...]

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The Transparent Father With Larry Hagner

Tale of the Tape: Larry Hagner Larry Hagner is the host of The Dad Edge Podcast, a podcast dedicated to helping men become the best versions of themselves so they can raise the best versions of their children. Breakdown While packing for a move to a new house, Larry hit rock bottom as a dad [...]

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The Master Plan With Chris Wilson

Tale of the Tape: Chris Wilson Chris Wilson is an author, artist, and social advocate. At 17 years old Chris was found guilty of murder and charged with a life sentence. But once in prison, he began to formulate a Master Plan to rehabilitate himself. In prison, he began studying, mentoring others, and fighting for [...]

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The Other Side Of Fear With Tony Blauer

Tale of the Tape: Tony Blauer Tony Blauer has been in the martial arts, self-defense, defensive tactics, and combatives industry for four decades and is one of the only combatives experts who has successfully affected training in self-defense, combat sports, and military and law enforcement sectors. His research on overcoming fear has influenced over three [...]

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The Heart-Centered Entreprenuer With Ryan Lee

Tale of the Tape: Ryan Lee Ryan Lee has been an entrepreneur for the last 20 years. He is the creator of Freedym, an online academy that teaches people how to turn their ideas and passions into recurring revenue, and Rewind, energy bars free from gluten, dairy, soy, artificial sweeteners, and added sugar. Breakdown Ryan [...]

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