Stepping in to the ring for a 10 count

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You know how sometimes you say to yourself, “I can’t…”, or “There’s no way…”, or “I wish it…”.

Yes, they are just sayings and terms you might think, “they don’t mean anything”. 

The problem with these words is that they are commands that you are giving to your brain. Commands that your sub-conscious brain will listen to. 

Your mind is like the 1st ever web browser in existence. Whatever you ask it to do, with thoughts and imagination, it will find a way to make it happen.

From my experience as a Muay Thai fighter/practitioner since the mid 90’s, if I walked into the ring with any of those thoughts in my head, I might as well lay down for a 10 count even before the bell rings. 

Or as a gym owner with my wife, telling ourselves those thoughts would surely have us closing up our doors, unable to provide our community with the most amazing fitness and martial arts facility theRockaways has ever seen.

Change the way you talk to yourself in your head and you will change the way you see everything!

It’s not just positive thinking.

I call this accurate thinking.

By refining your language, like using “I am not able to just yet”, instead of, “I can’t…”.

“There’s gotta be away…”, instead of, “There’s no way…”.

“I’ll work for…”, instead of, “I wish for…”.

Accurate VS. Inaccurate 

In any of my fights, I never went out there “wishing” to land somewhere on my opponent.

I stepped in the ring with specific targets from my imagination, “working” to land shots on the tip of the chin, the solar plexus or the bottom rib on the rib cage.

Get accurate with your thoughts by refining your language. 

Start an uprising in your mind against the self-doubt and inaccurate shots ...TODAY! 

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

About the Author:

Chris Romulo is a former professional Muay Thai champion, coach, speaker and owner of CROM Physical Culture in Rockaway Beach, Queens. Chris believes we all have a champion in us fighting to win at life.

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