WHO takes 80,000 shots a day?

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Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day. That’s an average of 2500 – 3,300 thoughts per hour.

Unfortunately, most of those thoughts are beating you down repeatedly.

As humans, we are prone to negative thinking so that, in some unexplainable way, our brain wants to keep us safe.

That is why we are so enthralled with the “bad” stuff in the news and media happening around the world.

But, as humans, we can take decisive control to steer positive vibes into our heads.

It is not easy.

It takes effort.

Some days will be simpler than others.

But keep this top of mind:

Every living being on this planet is in a constant battle for survival.

As I write this, I am fighting the thought that I have “writer’s block”.

Ever since junior high school and the days of writing essays for my teachers, I’ve had that self-made belief that I don’t have what it takes to put my thoughts on paper.

It all started from the mindset since that 4th grade remedial class, that I was stupid or slow.

I held on to that belief all through high school and I didn’t bother to take the SAT’s or even think about going to college.

As an adult, this attitude did not help either, leading me to find jobs that I didn’t particularly like. And I stuck with these jobs with no future in mind, happy with just a pay check until I was completely dissatisfied with my reality.

Maybe you feel like you are in a losing scrap against negative thoughts going on in your mind.

As I grapple with my negative thoughts, daily, I appreciate all the victories, minor or major, so that I can take those feelings and know that I was able to take control.

Even though I have accomplished my ultimate dream of running my own gym, having a fight team to represent my coaching skills, and members who come to us seeking a healthy transition in life, there are still some days where my own mind is putting a beatdown on me.

There are also the days where I’m on fire, nothing can put out my light and I can do NO wrong.

The same way I trained to become the best Muay Thai fighter that I possibly could, while putting my body through some of the most rigorous things a human can endure, YOU can train your mind to have the skills necessary to handle the 80,000 shots that will hit you daily.

YOU CAN control your thoughts to either be positive or negative.

YOU CAN choose to listen to negative opinions of others and quit on your dreams, or YOU CAN decide that LIFE IS SHORT and scrap for every inch in life.

YOU CAN accept that YOU will FALL 7 TIMES, then STAND UP 8.


No matter whether you are in the ring or sitting in the stands, LIFE will find a way to pop you in the mouth every now and then.

So you might as well learn how to fight.

Only YOU can choose:


I finished what I started and now I can go the rest of my day knowing that I gave ALL my heart to help YOU know that everyone can…



Chris Romulo AKA CROM
We All Got The Fight In Us… CHAMP UP!


About the Author:

Chris Romulo is a former professional Muay Thai champion, coach, speaker and owner of CROM Physical Culture in Rockaway Beach, Queens. Chris believes we all have a champion in us fighting to win at life.

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