The Path of Most Resistance With Kevin “The Soul Assassin” Ross

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Tale of the Tape: Kevin Ross

Kevin “The Soul Assassin” Ross is an artist and a pioneer in American Muay Thai. Throughout his career, he has won the super-lightweight WBC International title, the welterweight WBC USA National title, the FIDAM welterweight title of Mexico, and the United States Muay Thai Federation welterweight title. He is also the current Bellator Kickboxing featherweight champion.


I am truly honored to have Kevin on this episode of The Eight Count. “The Soul Assassin” unlaces the boxing gloves and touches on a lot of subjects that interest me right now, particularly mindset strategies.

If you’ve been pushing aside the life you want because of fear, Kevin’s “eight count” will make you think twice about giving up, no matter where you are in life.

Highlight Reel

2:35 – The things you never knew about Kevin before his life as a fighter

7:50 – How losing his best friend turned Kevin’s life around (but why it wasn’t an immediate change)

11:30 – Kevin breaks down how to face your fears and overcome crushing excuses

15:00 – Why you need a strong, positive support system to succeed

17:30 – Chris and Kevin throw the one-two on why you need to accept your reality before you change your reality

20:00 – Kevin compares life to sailing, and why you need to be the captain of your own ship

21:30 – Stuck in a rut? Kevin suggests doing what you like…until you find what you love

23:15 – Chris and Kevin breakdown how to make your passion your purpose

27:00 – Kevin explains why, with a little bit of gratitude, setbacks don’t always have to set you back

33:26 – The powerful and course-changing habit of going for small wins

36:00 – How to shift your mindset according to your circumstances

43:30 – Why you need to (positively) talk to yourself more often – and more importantly, why you need to avoid those who talk negatively to you

47:45 – Kevin breaks down the one piece of advice he’d give to his younger self (and his answer is not what you think)


About the Author:

Hosted by Chris “Mr. Classic” Romulo, a six-time Muay Thai champion turned speaker, coach, and podcaster, The Eight Count explores the championship mindset of entrepreneurs, business owners, and athletes to uncover the tactics they use beat the count and win at life. Through gritty interviews that hold no punches, you’ll discover how to overcome adversity and become a successful and self-reliant champion.

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