The Master Plan With Chris Wilson

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Tale of the Tape: Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is an author, artist, and social advocate. At 17 years old Chris was found guilty of murder and charged with a life sentence. But once in prison, he began to formulate a Master Plan to rehabilitate himself. In prison, he began studying, mentoring others, and fighting for his freedom. At 32 years old he was released from prison and faced a new challenge–reacclimating himself to the world as a returning citizen.


Chris talks about the moments that led him to a destructive life on the streets, how he took responsibility for his life sentence, rehabilitated himself, and became a social advocate on the very same streets that almost took his life.

Highlight Reel

2:52 – Chris’s tale of two worlds

11:10 – The man that changed everything for the worst

14:51 – On the wrong side of the law

18:25 – Pulling the trigger on his future

22:10 – What 117 days of solitary confinement taught Chris about himself

25:00 – What it was like being on trial

27:11 – On the right side of the law–studying and building a better life while in prison

31:07 – Keeping positive in the negative world of prison

33:56 – The power of showing remorse

38:59 – Chris’ Master Plan that you could apply to your own life

42:07 – The challenges of being a returning citizen

45:10 – Chris’ new business ventures

48:51 – How Chris is paying it forward to today’s youth

55:00 – Chris’ sage advice to his 10-year-old self


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