The Transparent Father With Larry Hagner

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Tale of the Tape: Larry Hagner

Larry Hagner is the host of The Dad Edge Podcast, a podcast dedicated to helping men become the best versions of themselves so they can raise the best versions of their children.


While packing for a move to a new house, Larry hit rock bottom as a dad when he lost his cool. What he did afterward made him turn inward for some deep introspection. And what came out of that was The Good Dad Project, and later, The Dad Edge Podcast. Larry breaks down some important must-do’s for fathers, like winning the mornings and being transparent.

Highlight Reel

4:33 – Larry’s background story – the dad he never had

8:26 – Larry’s first meeting with his biological dad

10:50 – The human moment that moved his relationship with his estranged father forward

12:40 – Why Larry started the Good Dad Project

17:27 – The moment that changed everything for Larry as a dad

23:34 – Gaining control over being a dad

28:02 – The importance of mentors in fatherhood

31:04 – How Larry “fills up his cup” every day – the power in staying motivated

33:13 – Why (and how) every father should win their mornings

35:33 – The peaks and valleys of life as a father and what they teach us

38:46 – Giving credit and taking credit as a father, and why transparency with your kids is important

42:22 – Larry’s advice to his younger self


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