Power In The Present With Sean George

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Tale of the Tape

Sean George is CIO at Strukturinvest. He’s work in the financial industry at Cantor Fitzgerald, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, and more. He has also competed in Muay Thai and is an adventure enthusiast.


On 9/11, Sean watched two planes hit the World Trade Center towers. Despite holding on to hope, he ultimately knew he lost dozens of friends and coworkers. He told himself he’d never live another day without gratitude, created a bucket list, and did everything he ever wanted in honor of those who no longer could.

Highlight Reel

7:58 – What motivates Sean to give back

10:19 – The day that shook the world, and Sean’s life

19:11 – The realization that life is a gift, and everything that came after that moment

24:28 – How bucket lists can get you out of negative spirals and help you face your fears

29:09 – The healing process of talking about internal pain

32:00 – Finding appreciation in simple things, if you haven’t been through hardship

34:16 – The man who mentored Sean

37:36 – The booked that shaped Sean’s life

39:08 – The importance of spirituality and the ability to forgive

40:29 – Sean’s words to live by

42:09 – Advice for his 16-year-old self


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