From Chaos To Order With Richie Hardcore

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Tale of the Tape

Richie Hardcore is an educator, keynote speaker and activist, working in violence prevention, masculinities, mental health, and wellness. He is also a retired multiple New Zealand Muay Thai champion who now works as a coach and personal trainer. He’s helped some of New Zealand’s most successful fighters achieve their goals.


A relationship gone wrong led Richie down a dark hole of depression and medication. But through exercise and opening up about his mental health issues, the New Zealand native was able to overcome his Eight Count and help thousands of other young males navigate the murky waters of youth.

Highlight Reel

1:07 – How “Hardcore” came to be

4:24 – What led Richie to a straight-edge lifestyle

6:04 – Living among the chaos of a family struggling with alcoholism and mental health issues

9:51 – Why being stoic is okay, and why being emotionally vulnerable is okay, too

11:20 – Alcohol as a numbing agent

12:11 – Using communication tools to override the psychological drivers that control you

16:21 – leading up to divorce

21:54 – The importance of why men should process grief

27:06 – Richie on meditation

30:45 – Bouncing back from depression, and what the word means to Richie

37:35 – A natural tendency to gravitate to chaos

41:31 – From mild depression to chronic depression to contemplating suicide –and the final escape

43:30 – Exercise as peace

46:20 – The reason why mentors are so necessary

53:30 – The masculine bubble

54:24 – Speaking about family violence prevention

57:30 – “Toxic masculinity” is not the problem – it’s unhealthy ideas of manhood we should worry about

1:10:46 – Richie’s message to his 9-year-old self


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