The Keys Of Communication With Ryan Michler

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Tale of the Tape

Ryan Michler is the host of Order of Man, a podcast dedicated to helping men become better versions of themselves. He is also a husband, father to four children, and an Iraqi War Veteran. Ryan, who grew up without a father, knows all too well the side effects of growing up without a positive male role model in his life.


Ryan had just returned home from Iraq when he and his wife decided to get separated. After taking a long, hard look at himself, and claiming responsibility for his actions, Ryan did something that changed the direction of his separation – and his life – forever.

Highlight Reel

0:49 – Prioritizing family, and whether or not Ryan will pass on the Order of Man torch to his son

3:38 – What is the Order of Man? And how can it help you become a better man?

4:53 – The (beneficial) mishaps that lead to the Order of Man

9:01 – Going through separation, but how it eventually led Ryan back to his wife

10:35 – Growing up fatherless, but being grateful instead of bitter

13:56 – The two mistakes most men make when they get married

17:34 – The conversations that must happen before and after marriage

22:08 – What therapy taught Ryan about himself

26:01 – The two things Ryan fixed before starting his new journey

31:33 – Why your wife should be on the same page with self-improvement

34:20 – How Ryan finds solace in apologizing to people he wrongs

36:35 – Controlling ego with self-awareness

40:51 – The two things every man must practice to improve communication

46:02 – Are there benefits in having mentors?

51:25 – The habits and pragmatics that build character

59:21 – Consistency versus hard work – which one is better?

1:01:48 – Three books Ryan suggests every man must read

1:02:55 – Ryan’s sage advice to his teenage self


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