The Road To Recovery With UFC Lightweight Jared Gordon

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Tale of the Tape: Jared “Flash” Gordon

Jared Gordon is a lightweight mixed martial arts champion who has competed in the UFC, Duelo de Giagantes, and Cage Fury Fighting Championship. “Flash” also speaks out on addiction, recovery, and mental health.


Jared opens up about the moment at nine years old that led him to a life of addiction, and how he overcame drug and alcohol abuse for a life of service to others. The lightweight fighter’s story will leave you inspired to look inward, not outward, for the rewards of life.

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02:42 – The one thing that led Jared to take a more proactive approach toward a more secure future

08:03 – The life-changing moment at sleepaway camp that led to Jared’s “eight count”

10:42 – The power of opening up and forgiving those that hurt us

16:40 – Jared’s message to his younger self

19:28 – A never-quit attitude and a selfless mission of serving others and the responsibility of using your platform for the greater good

22:08 – Jared’s approach to finding ultimate and unwavering purpose

26:23 – What defines Jared

30:43 – What Jared feels so strongly about sharing his story


32:15 – The relapse that almost happened if not for a random message at the drugstore

38:45 – Why having a support network saved Jared’s life (and how it will save yours too)

41:07 – Growing stronger through the tests of life

42:29 – The importance of having faith and believing in something bigger than you

46:36 – Fighting for a higher purpose


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