Instill Lasting Change in Your Students

Instill Lasting Change in Your Students2019-06-13T13:58:13+00:00

Muay Thai Champion Chris Romulo has distilled the lessons learned throughout his 16-year career into three core principles that students can use to overcome the seven dictators of the mind.

Chris achieved international success by overcoming challenges in the ring and beyond. Those critical lessons learned are now a part of his Champions Uprising System, which is designed to help students overcome bullying, peer pressure, and negative emotions and mindsets.

Chris Romulo’s Champions Uprising System shows students how to become more resilient by standing up, accepting the challenges of life, and fighting to win. These are the skills students need to win at life.

3 Steps of the Champions Uprising

  • Accept Your Reality: When you accept your reality you make the decision to move forward no matter what life throws at you. This is important because if you continue to deny what you have in front of you, ignore it and hope it goes away, that challenge or obstacle just gets bigger.
  • Become a Better You: When you decide to become a better person on the inside your whole world starts to open up. You start seeing the good that you were blind to before. You’re going to start to evolve and excel in the things that matter to you–maybe that’s your studies, maybe performing at the next level in your sport–the possibilities are endless.
  • Uncover Your Champion: You were born a champion but you let the dictators bury you in dirt and negativity. You need to dig deep and brush that champion spirit off if you want to win at life. When you tap into that champion that is already there things become closer than you think. You don’t have to worry about those 300 likes on Instagram or a special pair of Jordan’s to get you on the team.

Chris Romulo’s Speaking Topics

Chris offers four different youth-oriented speeches depending on the goals of your school. Click each image for more info.

3 steps champions uprising
controlling the 7 dictators
speak life stop bullying
4 H's


  • How to turn their hardship in to their purpose
  • How to tap in to the champion that already exists within
  • How to believe in themselves regardless of what others believe
  • How to handle bullying and other negative behaviors
  • How to surround themselves with champions
  • How to motivate themselves for greatness

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“We brought Chris to Scholars’ Academy because our students needed some leadership and someone they could connect to that would understand the hardships they’re going through during their school year. Chris was able to connect at a level where they felt inspiration and looked up to Chris as a positive role model. I can’t wait to have Chris back next year to engage our total population!”

Rosa Lagombra, Guidance Counselor, Scholars' Academy

“We had the privilege of having Chris Romulo come to our school and speak with a group of students. Coach Chris was able to connect with our students through real life situations. He was engaging, motivating, and inspired the entire group. Chris was able to capture students through visual and tactile presentations. Students were inspired by the strong positive message of ‘C.H.A.M.P.S.’ and the meaning behind it. Having Coach Chris come to our school to share and inspire our students was an amazing experience for all.”

Keith T. Matone, Assistant Principal, New Utrecht High School

“During Bullying Awareness month Chris Romulo visited my school and spoke to us about his personal experience with bullying and the effects that bullying may have on an individual. By Chris sharing his very personal experiences, it shows that people can get through anything if they just take their negative experiences and turn them into positive outcomes. Thank you Chris for never giving up and for sharing your story to motivate others going through tough times!”

Jada M., 8th grader at The Scholars’ Academy

“I was fortunate enough to have Chris Romulo put an assembly on at my school, Holy Angels Catholic Academy. What a terrific experience it was!! I am not easily impressed and I was bowled over. Chris does a phenomenal job of reaching adolescent students as well as adults. His message is understood by all and his presentation is heartfelt and moving. It is easy for people to identify with the different experiences he shares.  The presentation appeals to the senses and keeps the audience engaged. I would highly recommend this assembly to any middle school.”

Rosemarie McGoldrick, Principal at Holy Angels

Students find out how to become more resilient by standing up, accepting the challenges of life, and fighting to win. These are the skills students need to win at life.

Students find out how to manage and control the seven dictators that attempt to control them. Students realize the real fight is on the inside, not the outside. When they understand this they take responsibility for their thoughts and actions and live a purposeful life.

Students find out that there's two sides to the bully coin and how important it is for not only the person being bullied to speak up, but the bully as well. Students walk away with newfound tools to put a stop to bullying in schools and on social media.

Students find out how to implement the 4 H's into their lives: Hard-work, Humility, Hunger, and Heart. Students get out of their comfort zones to live purposeful lives. With the 4 H's as a foundation, students take life head on and go after their goals.