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Discover the Champion Within

About Chris

My name is Chris Romulo and I perform keynote speeches and workshops where I teach kids how to live more resilient lives through my Champ Up system.
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Chris Romulo’s Philosophy Behind “Champing Up”

Check out this video to find out how Chris Romulo developed his champion spirit and how he teaches others how to uncover their own champions.

What Other People Are Saying About Chris

charlie brenneman

“Chris and I share an appreciation and dedication to positively impacting others. Chris is a class act with a lot to offer through his knowledge and experience.”

Charlie Brenneman, Former UFC Fighter & Speaker
anthony melchiorri

“Champion fighters don’t get to this level without possessing something special. Chris’ passion is to make you believe that you can reach your highest potential.”

brian rubio

“Chris embodies the title of a champion, from accolades to personality and everything in between.”

Brian Rubio, Photographer

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