“Chris Romulo continues to support the Diocese of Brooklyn’s Catholic academies throughout Brooklyn and Queens with his Champ Up student assemblies. Mr. Romulo captivates and maintains students’ attention through telling his life story, about being bullied, becoming the bully and ultimately becoming a Muay Thai Champion. Using the 7 dictators of the mind: self-doubt, disappointment, negative self-talk, ego, hardship, confusion and fear. Mr. Romulo provides a platform for students to face some of these dictators and motivates them to fight for their dreams because they are good enough and all are champions! Our program will continue to liaise with Mr. Romulo and academies, so that all students have access and opportunity to hear his message..

Tina Scandul, PDHP Brooklyn Borough Director

"Chris’ down-to-earth style of engaging with students held their attention and left them feeling motivated and wanting more.  The students related to his humble beginnings and responded well to his real tools for overcoming obstacles."
Anna Barone-Fatigate, Archdiocese of New York, Drug Abuse Prevention Program (ADAPP)

“Chris Romulo keynoted our annual Youth Conference hosted by Dearborn County CASA, where he captured the attention and admiration of all 600 students in attendance. The program was outstanding, resonating deeply with both students and staff. Chris made a tangible impact, demonstrating a rare ability to connect and inspire. The core message, ‘Fall7 times , Stand up 8,' was particularly impactful. We are incredibly grateful for such a fantastic job and eagerly anticipate having Chris back at future conferences. We highly recommend this presentation for anyone looking to make a positive influence on youth."


Alan Weiss, Dearborn County CASA Coordinator

“We brought Chris in to speak at our Heart of New York Teen Institute Youth Leadership Conference and I could not be happier with the way he captivated the participants. His interactive, high-energy style was just what our conference needed to pull the youth out of their shells. Even after he was done speaking, he gave them his time, signing books, and talking to each student personally, making sure they all felt heard. Working with Chris and his wife Sarah was so easy. They were attentive and responsive with every question I had. Working for a non-profit, you must find value in everything you do. I can honestly say they were worth every penny. If you do any work with youth, I highly recommend bringing in Chris to speak with them.”


Mr. Kein Trease, Director of Heart of New York Teen Institute

Chris Romulo's Champions Uprising presentation was an excellent asset for our youth at the Expanding Horizons Beyond Survival Youth Conference. It was a great motivational piece for students and staff. Many school chaperones complimented Chris and his presentation. It was a great way to begin our conference. Thank you.

Tristen Belgarde, Youth Program Director at Western Native Voice 

Chris Romulo's presentation for our 7th & 8th grade students was excellent! He immediately grabbed their attention from the second they walked into the auditorium. Throughout his presentation, I noticed a room full of engaged and interested middle school students. His topics of resiliency and fighting through adversity was appropriate for this age group and truly inspiring. What was appreciated most was that Chris took the time to connect with our students. At the end, he genuinely answered so many of the kids' questions, leaving them fulfilled in the end! 

Nicole Pucciarelli, Ridgefield Park Jr-Sr High School 

“The students were fixed on every word, each strategy to overcome their fears and detractors. The honesty and humility of the presentation cultivated trust with the students. Tweens and teens from 12-18 were made comfortable to go up to the microphone and share their reflections in front of their peers, something highly unusual for this age group. At one exciting point, recounting who he was as a teen, Mr. Romulo broke out into a “break dance” routine and then was joined by an LWA upper school student who went up on the stage to share his moves. Together, the generation gap was bridged. The house rocked and understanding deepened.”

Brian O’Connell, Headmaster, Lawrence Woodmere Academy

"Chris presented at the Summer of You youth program at Family Promise of Sussex County where he captured the attention and hearts of all in attendance. The presentation was interactive and relatable for the audience. Chris shared his own personal struggles through life, which was incredibly moving and inspiring. The Summer of You program focuses on building self-esteem, promoting self-care, and overall good mental health. Chris touched on important topics and life lessons that we can hold onto for life. We would highly recommend this presentation to others looking for resources to build resilience in youth."

Bridget Gregory, Family Promise of Sussex County

"Chris’s keynote at The Heart of NY Teen Institute Conference was by far one of the most inspiring presentations I’ve ever experienced. His life story demonstrated all of the skills that he taught us throughout his keynote and we were able to witness that experience through his eyes. As one of the members of the 2023 Teen Institute Youth Staff, I am so incredibly grateful and touched that we were able to be a part of this amazing experience."


Allayna B., Teen Institute Youth Staff

"On Tuesday November 13th, we were graced with the powerful presentation given by Chris Romulo. Chris provided the 6th, 7th and 8th grade students with his personal account of how he has overcome the struggles youth face today. His program “Champ Up” allows students to listen to how one can overcome peer pressure and bullying. The students and faculty were very impressed and believed that you can overcome any struggles with the right tools. Anyone that has the opportunity to have Chris present in their school will walk away knowing that their students will know how to be a champion in their own lives and walk in their truth."

Michelle Donato, Principal at Salve Regina Catholic Academy

"Chris Romulo's Champ Up assembly provided a tremendous opportunity to be inspired towards greatness. Chris passionately conveyed his life journey through struggle and hardship to great success as a husband, father, Muay Thai champion and business owner. He challenged our students to be aware of the power of their words, including and especially through social-media, to build up or tear down others. We were all inspired to not let fear and self-doubt get in the way of our dreams. We should all have the courage to persevere through everything that life presents us, because that is how we become champions!"


John O'Brien, Principal Good Shepherd Catholic Academy

"Chris Romulo's Champ Up presentation energized our students to see the possibilities to believe in their abilities and figure out ways to overcome challenges. The day after the presentation students asked me if he could visit again. Chris's impact on the students was definitely a positive one! I would highly recommend having this presentation for your students."


Anne Stefano, Principal of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy in Astoria 


“Chris Romulo is a true inspiration. Chris' personal story resonates with young people. His message encourages young people to fight for their dreams and be the author of their own stories. He shares the 7 dictators of the mind: self-doubt, disappointment, negative self-talk, ego, hardship, confusion, and fear and how to face them, overcome them and achieve their goals. His Champ Up presentation is a must-see for middle school students.”


Stephanie Germann, Principal, Saint Joseph the Worker Catholic Academy

“We brought Chris to Scholars’ Academy because our students needed some leadership and someone they could connect to that would understand the hardships they’re going through during their school year. Chris was able to connect at a level where they felt inspiration and looked up to Chris as a positive role model. I can’t wait to have Chris back next year to engage our total population!”


Rosa Lagombra, Scholar’s Academy

“I was fortunate enough to have Chris Romulo put an assembly on at my school, Holy Angels Catholic Academy. What a terrific experience it was!! I am not easily impressed and I was bowled over. Chris does a phenomenal job of reaching adolescent students as well as adults. His message is understood by all and his presentation is heartfelt and moving. It is easy for people to identify with the different experiences he shares.  The presentation appeals to the senses and keeps the audience engaged. I would highly recommend this assembly to any middle school.”⁣

Rosemarie McGoldrick, Principal at Holy Angels

“During Bullying Awareness month Chris Romulo visited my school and spoke to us about his personal experience with bullying and the effects that bullying may have on an individual. By Chris sharing his very personal experiences, it shows that people can get through anything if they just take their negative experiences and turn them into positive outcomes. Thank you Chris for never giving up and for sharing your story to motivate others going through tough times!”

Jada M. Scholar’s Academy student

“We had the privilege of having Chris Romulo come to our school and speak with a group of students. Coach Chris was able to connect with our students through real life situations. He was engaging, motivating, and inspired the entire group. Chris was able to capture students through visual and tactile presentations. Students were inspired by the strong positive message of ‘C.H.A.M.P.S.’ and the meaning behind it. Having Coach Chris come to our school to share and inspire our students was an amazing experience for all.”

Keith T. Matone, Assistant Principal, New Utrecht High School



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