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My name is Chris Romulo and I perform keynote speeches and workshops where I teach guests how to live more resilient lives through my Champ Up system.

If you’re here because you’re looking for a speaker who could instill positive, lasting change in your life, keep reading.

People today face a myriad of challenges: bullying, peer pressure, social media popularity contests, workplace performance, the list is endless.

And although we’d like to see an end to these challenges so we can focus on what matters most, we need to accept that these challenges will always be around in some form or another.

So it’s not enough to try and rid these challenges from our lives, but to better prepare ourselves for when these challenges knock us down.

But let me guess, you struggle to get your students or employees to hear the message?

If your school or corporation is like most others, you’ve probably tried to reach your students and employees through the more traditional routes of lectures or PowerPoints, or having the principle or CEO talk to them at general assemblies.

But have they shown any signs of change afterwards? Maybe for the first few hours. Maybe for the rest of the day. But long term change? Probably not.

So you wind up right where you started—with low morale.

But if you can show your students or employees how to uncover the champions within them in a dynamic and uplifting way, so that no matter what obstacles they face—peer pressure, bullying, workplace performance—then real change can and will happen.

And there is a way to uncover the champion in every single one of them. I’ll tell you how in a second.

I’ve been there, too.

I’d like to share my story of how I uncovered my champion’s spirit.

Back when I was in my teens, I wasn’t doing so good. Let’s just say I spent a lot of time on the streets of Queens doing what kids on the streets of Queens do.

At home, my father couldn’t care less about his family. Watching him waste his life and our family’s name to a gambling addiction, I made a pact with myself that I was going to do better than he did.

I wanted people to hear the Romulo name and be invoked with positive feelings.

But it wasn’t until a street fight that I started listening to the voice inside my head, and after I was nearly beat to death, I got myself into a Muay Thai gym.

At first, the training was hard. It was so different from what I used to. But the more I trained the more I realized how valuable I was.

As I went on to fight and become a professional, this realization only grew. And I learned how to develop the champion’s spirit that helped me to become the first ever WKA North American Middleweight champ.

Can I help your students or employees do the same?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re trying to get students to stop the fighting and the bullying. You’re trying to get your employees motivated and productive. So why would you want an ex-fighter talking to them about champing up?

Being a champion isn’t about being a “ring” fighter. It’s about having the spirit to fight to win at life.

How do I know this? All those things I learned throughout my fighting career I put into a system that I intuitively followed.

And I now teach this system in three easy-to-implement steps so that other people can have their own champion’s uprising.

Take my assistant coach, Jerry, for example. When I met Jerry he was angry and getting into fights in high school.

But as I began to work with him through my Champs Up system and show him how to turn his anger into something constructive, positive things started happening.

Jerry started to respect himself and, in turn, to respect other people—and they began respecting him. He went on to graduate high school and is now getting ready for his first year of college. Jerry teaches the junior program at my gym, where he’s helping to shape the younger kids.

Then there’s Tim. One day a lady walked into out gym looking distraught. She was a single mother trying to raise a strong-willed young boy. At school, Tim couldn’t focus or get his work done. His grades were dropping and his mother was at a loss.

Tim loved what he was learning about himself through the Champs Up system and wanted to be part of our gym as a long-term member. It just so happened around the same time we held a scholarship program for kids who held good grades and took part in home activities.

Tim buckled down and raised his grades and started helping his mother around the house. He won the scholarship.

Every day, Tim shows up an hour early to work on his weaknesses and stays an hour late to figure out what else he can improve on.

After seeing what my Champs Up system could do for Jerry and Tim, I decided to take it to schools and corporations, where I now teach others how to be more resilient through my signature keynote speeches and workshops.

Because let’s face it, life isn’t easy.

So if you’re struggling to boost the morale of your students or employees, reach out and I’d be glad to set something up.

If you’d like more information on hosting me at your event, please fill out the form and I’ll respond within 72 business hours.

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What Other People Are Saying About Chris’ Speeches

“We brought Chris to Scholars’ Academy because our students needed some leadership and someone they could connect to that would understand the hardships they’re going through during their school year. Chris was able to connect at a level where they felt inspiration and looked up to Chris as a positive role model. I can’t wait to have Chris back next year to engage our total population!”

Rosa Lagombra, Guidance Counselor, Scholars' Academy

“We had the privilege of having Chris Romulo come to our school and speak with a group of students. Coach Chris was able to connect with our students through real life situations. He was engaging, motivating, and inspired the entire group. Chris was able to capture students through visual and tactile presentations. Students were inspired by the strong positive message of ‘C.H.A.M.P.S.’ and the meaning behind it. Having Coach Chris come to our school to share and inspire our students was an amazing experience for all.”

Keith T. Matone, Assistant Principal, New Utrecht High School

“During Bullying Awareness month Chris Romulo visited my school and spoke to us about his personal experience with bullying and the effects that bullying may have on an individual. By Chris sharing his very personal experiences, it shows that people can get through anything if they just take their negative experiences and turn them into positive outcomes. Thank you Chris for never giving up and for sharing your story to motivate others going through tough times!”

Jada M., 8th grader at The Scholars’ Academy

“I was fortunate enough to have Chris Romulo put an assembly on at my school, Holy Angels Catholic Academy. What a terrific experience it was!! I am not easily impressed and I was bowled over. Chris does a phenomenal job of reaching adolescent students as well as adults. His message is understood by all and his presentation is heartfelt and moving. It is easy for people to identify with the different experiences he shares.  The presentation appeals to the senses and keeps the audience engaged. I would highly recommend this assembly to any middle school.”

Rosemarie McGoldrick, Principal at Holy Angels