What’s up?

I’m Chris…

A retired professional Muay Thai champion. I teach you how to get up when life puts you down. And if you’re anything like me, life has a way of putting you down.

But bouncing back from the brinks of defeat is possible. It takes focus and willpower. It takes the skills to set and achieve goals. And it takes the power to look inside—not outside—as the cause of your problems. How do I know this? Because I was just like you. I did the opposite most of my life.

But at 20 years old a near-death street scrap changed everything. As I healed up I understood that life will knock us down at times. But it’s the mindset we apply to this struggle that will help us get back up.

But you don’t need a near-death street fight to have an epiphany. I want to prove to you the skills you need to Champ Up are within you. Yes, within YOU. Sometimes it takes someone to come along and help you find those skills. And that’s where I come in.

I show you how to create unbreakable belief in yourself. I show you how to dig deep inside, uncover your problems, and crush them. Just as I’ve been crushing my challenges in and out of the ring my entire life.

As a boy, I had no father figure to show me the ropes. I ran the streets of Jamaica, Queens, getting into trouble. I put my health in harm’s way. And I sought out a rep as an unbeatable street fighter. But through it all I knew there was something bigger waiting for me. Just like you feel right now. So I began changing my mind. But even as I cleaned up my act life threw challenges at me.

In 2004 I fought my way from NYC, USA to Bangkok, Thailand. I took on the world’s best amateur Muay Thai fighters. The battle was bloody but I took home the bronze. In 2010 I won the North American Super-Middleweight pro title from a veteran who many people felt I’d lose to. And in 2012 I stood up after one of life’s hardest 8 counts: Hurricane Sandy. In just 24 hours the storm stole everything I built over the years—my gym, my home, and my family. We were homeless for a year.

No matter what obstacles life threw at me, I either got up or stood my ground and handled each challenge with a stern belief in myself. And that’s why you’re here, right? You want to shut out the voice in your head causing you to get in your way.

But there’s good news. Because you can apply the same principals I used in and out of the ring to your life to overcome your struggles.

Is this you?…

You were in love with her. So you married young. You started a family together. But as the years passed you and her drifted. You invested in someone who no longer make you happy. But you vow to be the dad you never had. So you part ways with her and spend the rest of your life showing your child how to be strong and go after their dreams. You CAN do that for you and your loved one.


You want to get to a gym and put the partying aside. You even set the alarm clock to 5am last week. But when it went off the voice in your head told you to sleep in. I’ll try again tomorrow, you tell yourself. But tomorrow never comes. And the weeks grow into months and the months grow into a year. Why look at that year in regret when you can look back and see how much you’ve grown in character?


You’re 10 years vested in a dead-end job. The pay is good. The benefits are great. But each day you feel like you’re dying a slow death. If you don’t follow your heart and passion, your career will wrench your soul dry. You have two choices: follow the norms of society and live with comfort but without purpose, or hunt down your dreams and pour your heart and soul into your life’s work. Which sounds nobler?

If you want to overcome these setbacks you need to approach them with a certain mindset. I help you cultivate this mindset.

Why should you trust me? Because what I show you has been battle-tested. I went from a broken home to fight on one of the best amateur promotions in world. I’ve warred through the championship rounds and won a pro title. I bounced back from loss and rebuilt my life and community after Hurricane Sandy. This is what this philosophy has done for me. What’s it going to do for you?

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